Actual summery view from our balcony in Zurich!

This page contains links and brief comments about the scrapbook entries we’ve made.  The scrapbook is an attempt at a digital version of the traditional scrapbook which hopefully will be longer lasting and will definitely take up less space!  The entries are normally referenced directly from their corresponding blogposts, but this page is designed to simply list them all in reverse chronological order for your perusal…

The scrapbook entries are created using Microsoft OneNote and consist of scanned images and digital photos (with the obligatory text of course).

25/07/09-02/08/09 – Greece – Summer holiday sailing around the Saronic and visiting Athens
27/03/09 – LondonEye – Flight on the London Eye
21/03/09 – Flumserberg – A short trip to Flumserberg for a long day of skiing