Actual summery view from our balcony in Zurich!
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27/04/10 – Faithless

After just (relatively speaking anyway) having seen Faithless at the UMF in Miami, we had an opportunity to see them live in Zurich.  They were playing in the Volkshaus which, in my opinion, is one of the best venues to enjoy a concert (we saw the Kaiser Chiefs there last year).  The venue is relatively low capacity, only a couple of thousand, so is too small for most bands.  Faithless had managed to sell out the venue but even so we were able to get to within about five rows of the front of the stage without any problem.

The many drums and keyboards of Faithless 
The support act was a DJ who played some very interesting mixes of current chart music with funky beats over the top of it.  It was a good way to start the concert and things were looking good when, after about 30 min, he wrapped up his set and the roadies came on stage to get everything prepped.  Unfortunately for whatever reason they took over 45 minutes just wandering around the stage shining lights into little nooks and crannies.  I’ve no idea if this was a band led delay or a technical delay, but it started to put me (and I guess everyone else) into a pretty bad mood.  This was not helped by the fact that the Volkshaus was roasting – I can only assume they had not yet turned on the air conditioning for the summer.

Faithless live in the Volkshaus Faithless live in the Volkshaus Faithless live in the Volkshaus

Thankfully once the lights did finally go off and Faithless came out on stage it was a fantastic performance.  The heat didn’t stop anyone from jumping around an dancing manically as they played all of their hits like Salva Mea, Insomnia, Not Going Home and of course We Come One which they finished the concert with.  After the delay coming on stage they did manage to play for almost two hours so we felt that we had got our money’s worth.  It was a great live show and there was so much energy in the performance that we were still buzzing as we headed off to the train station and home.

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